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Living Well Center®

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Your health is important. From sleep and nutrition to exercise and mental health, many factors can impact your overall well-being. At the Washington University Living Well Center®, we bring together healthcare experts to help you meet your personal health and wellness goals.  

The Center programs can help you:

  • Improve your health for surgery.
  • Target and a treat specific condition if you are not a candidate for surgery.
  • Enhance quality of life during and after cancer treatment.
  • Optimize your health to meet a specific goal, such as healthy living after having a baby or training for an athletic event.

Take the first step — find out how the Living Well Center can help you.


No Two Programs Alike

Your personal wellness program is designed based on your detailed assessment and evaluation. Your care team includes physicians, therapists and dietitians — experts in musculoskeletal health and its link to general health.

Your coordinated care program may include:

See the Results
Engaged participants can expect to see health improvements within 90-120 days. Results may include less pain, improved strength and stamina, weight loss, controlled diabetes and/or lower blood pressure.

Office Location

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital Medical Office Building 4

Washington University Living Well Center®
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
Medical Office Building 4 

1044 North Mason Road, Suite 210
St. Louis, MO 63141

Free onsite parking is available

Meet Our Team

Center Director: Devyani Hunt, MD
Acupuncture: Chi Tang, MD
Manual Medicine: John Metzler, MD
Massage Therapy: Amy Whitelaw, MT
Massage Therapy: Mary Bouse, MT
Nutrition Counseling: Nartana Mehta, RD, LD
Physical Therapy: Susan Peck, PT
Physical Therapy: Keith Saunders, PT, MBA
Physical Therapy: Matthew Foster, PT, DPT
Psychosocial Risk Management and Counseling: Barry Hong, PhD
Rehabilitation Counselor: Andrew Howard, MA, CRC, PLPC, MS, PT
Smoking Cessation: Corri Payton, NP
Physician Assistant: Mollie Semmer, MS, PA-C

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