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Patient Stories

Foot and Ankle

Ankle Replacement, Tendon Transfer, Foot Correction: Gordon Philpott
Ankle Tendon Transfer Procedure (Bridle Procedure) and Peroneal Nerve Injury/Foot Drop: Keegan Gore
Complex Foot Deformity and Ankle Replacement: Dan Sullivan
Foot and Ankle Reconstruction and Tendor Transfer: Brenna Schettler-Pinkley
Leg Amputation: Patrick Benson

Hand and Wrist

Osteoarthritis: Merrily Madden
Carpal Tunnel: Kathie Kirschenmann
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Jessica Hammack
Reconstrutive Microvascular Surgery: Patrick McNeil
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Pamela Dempewolf
Thumb Replantation: Brayden Heafner


Total Hip Replacement: Karen Dodson
Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery: The Best Thing I Ever Did
Revision and Bilateral Hip Replacement: Denise Kavanaugh
Femoroacetabular Impingement: Amy Torgerson
Femoroacetabular Impingement: Madysen Bailey
Gluteus Medius Tear: Dee Dee Ostman
Hip Dysplasia: Randale Lambert
Hip Dysplasia: Lydia Druin
Hip Labral Tear: Tanya Strautmann
Hip Replacement: Rachel Gahler
Bilateral, Congenital Acetabular Dysplasia: Robert O’Dell
Young Adult Hip: Mike DiSalvo


Dual Knee Replacements: Paul Shaver
Knee Pain/Arthroscopy: Brandy Hildebrand

Living Well Center

Arthritis and Disc Degeneration: David Capes


Reconstrutive Microvascular Surgery: Patrick McNeil
Thumb Replantation: Brayden Heafner
Chordoma: Lorie Hazel

Musculoskeletal Oncology

Primary Bone Cancer: Brooke Cantwell

Nerve Injuries

Peripheral Nerve Entrapment: Kaityln Buchanan
Peroneal Neuropathy: Hanna Adcock 

Pediatric and Adolescent Orthopedics

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Loewy Noud 
Femur Fracture: Josef Marschuetz
Scoliosis: Madison Miller
Shoulder Fracture: Tyler Heidbrink
Spondylolisthesis: Madison Moeller 
Spinal Fusion: Julia Wynne 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Hip Labral Tear: Tanya Strautmann
Peripheral Nerve Entrapment: Kaityln Buchanan
Rotator Cuff Tear: Mary Mech


Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Loewy Noud (Pediatric Spine)
Adult Kyphoscoliosis: Peggy Stevens
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: Chris Carenza
Cervical Fracture Dislocation and Spinal Cord Injury: Joseph Michaelis
Cervical Spine Surgery: Larry Stiffelman
Chordoma: Lorie Hazel
Herniated Disc: Rob Anderson
Herniated Disc: Tricia Martin
Multiple Myeloma and Spinal Tumor Surgery: Tia Gundlach
Myelopathy: Sereece Snow
Scoliosis: Ann Allen
Scoliosis: Madison Miller (Pediatric Spine)
Scoliosis: Beth Bozzelli
Scoliosis: Jamie Columbus
Spondylolisthesis: Madison Moeller (Pediatric Spine)
Spinal Dislocation and Spinal Cord Injury: Stone Wittman
Spinal Fracture: Peter Baum
Spinal Fracture and Spinal Cord Injury: Mike Vipperman
Spinal Fusion: Julia Wynne (Pediatric Spine)
Spinal Reconstruction: Wesley Palmer, Sr.
Spinal Tumor Surgery: Elena Berjer


Rotator Cuff Tear: Melanie Getz
Rotator Cuff Tear: Mary Mech

Sports Medicine

Frozen Shoulder: Lara Christy
Knee Pain/Arthroscopy: Brandy Hildebrand

Trauma/Fracture Care

Clavicle Fracture Repair: Elizabeth Heller
Limb Preservation: Beth Rahn


Workers' Compensation

Limb Preservation: Beth Rahn

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