Orthopaedic Research

We're driven by the pursuit of knowledge. As the #3 NIH-funded orthopedic research program in the United States, we're looking at bone and muscle conditions with one goal in mind: improving the future of orthopedic care for all patients. 

Our basic scientists and clinician scientists are turning their scientific discoveries into future orthopedic treatments. Our areas of research include cartilage biology and joint disease, tendon injury and repair, and bone injury and repair. We're also looking at how stem cells promote musculoskeletal tissue regeneration of bone, cartilage, and tendons/ligaments.

Our Orthopedic Clinical Research Center (OCRC) is a robust clinical research program designed to use research findings to improve our care models, orthopedic treatments and patient outcomes. The OCRC also helps facilitate research among our residents and fellows to allow for additional research experience. 

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