WashU Living Well Center®
Movement and Exercise Program

Movement and exercise are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular, bone, and mental health. Increasing your daily movement lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, and the development of certain cancers. If you would like get a jumpstart on your fitness goals or just need a refresher following an illness or injury, please join us for this four session program highlighting the four primary types of exercise.

Program details

This program is a part of our shared medical appointment series and is held in a group format, which is helpful for goal setting and accountability. The sessions will involve educational content, group exercise activity, and discussion with goal setting. 

  • Classes: Each class session is 1.5 hours long and held every other week. Each class includes educational information, group discussion, exercise demonstration and activity. View our events calendar here for upcoming sessions.
  • Format: Virtually and in-person

Who can participate in this program? 

Participants must have an initial assessment at the WashU Living Well Center® prior to the first movement and exercise session. Each session will provide modifications to meet each participant where they are when it comes to exercise. Ready to make changes to your lifestyle right now? Join our Movement and Exercise Program today! 

Class topics

Aerobic exercise for health: the benefits of improving cardiovascular fitness will be discussed. Demonstration of aerobic exercise will be included as a part of this session. There will also be time for goal setting and discussion regarding setting up an exercise plan.

Strengthening the body for health: types of strength training, form and technique will be covered. Will discuss injury prevention and how to create a strengthening program to fit your individual goals. Demonstration of at home strengthening exercises will be included as part of this session.

Balance exercise for overall Health: this session will review how to reduce fall risk in the present and for the long term as you age. Will discuss safe movement patterns and review practical applications for daily life. Demonstration of at home balance exercises will be included as part of this session.

Flexibility for health: types of flexibility, benefits to improving flexibility, and practice of flexibility will be reviewed. Demonstration of healthy stretching will be included as part of this session.

Is the class covered by insurance?

Each visit is billed to insurance as a specialty return office visit (subject to copay, coinsurance, and/or deductible). For patients with commercial insurance, patient copay, coinsurance, and deductible may be waived for select shared medical appointment visits. Please check with your insurance company for details on your coverage. 

How do I sign up?

  • Have your initial assessment at the Living Well Center prior to your first shared medical appointment.
  • Call us at (314) 514-3565 to schedule for one, some or all sessions. Please call in advance if you are unable to attend, as spots are limited. View our events calendar here for upcoming sessions.

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