Tai Chi Program

Find balance and improve strength with the Living Well Center® Tai Chi Program.

What is Tai Chi?

Taijiquan (grand extreme boxing), better known as "Tai Chi", incorporates simple, gentle movements, suitable for people of all ages and stages of fitness. It is an internal martial art rooted in Chinese concepts of balance.

Tai Chi is a mindfulness approach that employs slow and fast intentional movements, breathing techniques, and a rich array of cognitive tools to relax, center and strengthen the body and mind. Tai Chi is practiced for health, personal development, and self-defense.

What are the Benefits?

Medical research supports that Tai Chi and Qigong can improve balance, musculoskeletal strength and flexibility, cardio-respiratory health, cognitive function, immune system response, and emotional well-being. 

Program Details

What to Expect

Our Tai Chi classes are designed specifically for participants of all skill levels. You will be introduced to the fundamental principles of Tai Chi, including relaxing and mindful movement, proper structural alignment and breath awareness. Participants learn a foundational set of Qigong exercises, silk reeling exercises, meditation and the Hun Yuan Open Heart Taiji for Health 20 form.

These classes will help to build a solid foundation for people who want to learn a longer form of Tai Chi and Qigong into self-care strategies.

Level 1 Beginner Course

This first level introduces students to the fundamental principles of Tai Chi, including relaxed and mindful movement, structural alignment, and breath awareness. Students learn a foundational set of qigong exercises, silk reeling exercises, and self-massage techniques. Students also learn Taoist meditation to support health and The Hun Yuan Open Heart Taiji 20 form. This class is for the beginner or novice. This class is good for those dealing with chronic pain and fatigue.

Level 2 Intermediate Course

Level 2 is open to students who have completed Level 1. This class is also open to those with experience with Tai Chi and qigong after ok by the teacher. In this class the five elements of a comprehensive practice that are introduced in Level 1 are expanded and practiced. Push hands and medical qigong are introduced. The student is expected to practice daily in between classes. The Hun Yuan Open Heart Taiji 20 form is explored more deeply with the goal of individual performance self-efficacy.

Learning tips for participants: 

  • You are invited to practice at home between classes. 15-30 minutes of daily practice is recommended and important to develop the habit of self-cultivation. 
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes and flat soft-sole shoes.
  • Keep a small journal or notebook to take notes during class.

About the Instructor

Shawn Tucker is a physical therapist and owner of Brentwood Center of Health. He began practicing Taijiquan and Quigong in the mid ‘90s, and at the 2012 International Hunyuan Taiji Competition in Beijing, Shawn earned a gold medal in Advanced 24 Form. In 2018, the St. Louis Internal Arts awarded Shawn with Teacher status in Hunyuan Taiji and Qigong.

Shawn’s career is rooted in support for patients with injury and chronic disease as a holistic and integrative healthcare provider. He has married the foundational lessons of Tai Chi and Qigong with his expertise as a physical therapist, developing an easy-to-learn form of self-care. 

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