Upper Extremity Experience

All pediatric orthopedic fellows will have a busy and comprehensive experience in upper extremity trauma management. This includes both on-call fracture care and subacute traumatic reconstruction of various pathologies including malunion of the wrist and elbow, joint contracture, and soft tissue pathology. Fellows will also have the opportunity to work with hand and upper extremity surgeons on elective pathology including elbow osteochondritis dissecans, nerve pathology and hand traumatic reconstruction.

In addition, fellows have the opportunity to work with the hand and upper extremity surgeons on congenital pathologies of the upper extremity of all varieties. This busy service is a referral center for all congenital anomalies including malformations of the upper extremity such as radial deficiency and hypoplastic thumb, syndromic presentations of various types, and tumors requiring resection and reconstruction. The hand and upper extremity team works with the deformity team on complex pathologies using ringed fixators for soft tissue distraction and lengthening.

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