International Mission Trip


The international experience incorporated into the pediatric orthopaedic fellowship involves participation in a one week experience in St. Vincent’s and the Grenadines in the Eastern Caribbean. The trip is in conjunction with the World Pediatric Project (WPP). A typical trip involves travel to St. Vincent’s with a team consisting of an anesthesiologist, a scrub nurse, a postoperative nurse, a physical therapist, a WPP representative, an attending pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and the fellow. The trip consists of a 1 day clinic in which up to 100 patients are seen by the team and four operative days during which 16-20 cases are done. The complexity of the cases vary from achilles lengthening and hemiepiphyseodesis to complex ostetomies including femoral and pelvic osteotomies and treatment of frequent neglected tibia vara with tibial osteotomies including plateau elevation. 

The hospital facilities are utilized by arrangement with the WPP at Milton Cato hospital and are excellent. Travel and housing expenses are paid by the WPP. Food expenses are shared by the team. The fellows have uniformly felt that this was an excellent experience with the opportunity to see, evaluate and treat pathology that has frequently been neglected and is quite complex with the opportunity to perform procedures that are rarely required in the developed world.

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