Didactic Curriculum

Didactic sessions attended by the Fellows include Monday morning indications conferences, patient case presentations, attending surgeon lectures, anatomy sessions and Journal Club where Journal of Hand Surgery and Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery articles are discussed.  Active Fellow and resident participation in the preparation of specimens and in discussion of articles is required. 

On Tuesday mornings didactic sessions are primarily for the Resident’s benefit. However, approximately 10-15% of the time a topic of upper extremity interest is covered and the Fellows attendance is encouraged but not mandatory. 

Wednesday morning grand rounds cover topics of general interest.  Again, Fellow’s presence and participation is encouraged although not required. Fellow attendance is required for those conferences that are mandatory as per ACGME rules (such as lectures on sleep deprivation, medical malpractice and others that will be communicated to the Fellows by either the Fellowship Director or the Director of Education). Approximately once every three months the Upper Extremity Fellow is expected to prepare a case-based discussion of upper extremity interest. 

Thursday morning interactive sessions are again primarily of interest and applicability to the Residents, however Fellow participation and consultation on hand related cases are encouraged but are not mandatory. On occasion and when appropriate, fellow or resident presentation at M&M Conference is necessary. Once every month, a Friday morning anatomy session with Dr. Gelberman takes place.

1.  Mon AM Anatomy/Fri AM Anatomy
2.  Journal Club Monthly
3.  Congenital Journal Club Monthly Sat AM at Dr. Goldfarb's Home (bagels for breakfast)
4.  Case presentations – Fellows clinic
5.  Patient visits for consultation
6.  Sat AM at Dr. Boyer’s Home (with french toast or bagels for breakfast).  Session topics are based upon ASSH curriculum
7.  Fellow Presentation @ Grand Rounds
8.  M&M

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