Microsurgery Experience

Ganga Hospital – Coimbatore, India

Fellows are sent on a 1-2 week microsurgery experience at the Ganga Hospital in Coimbatore, India under the guidance of Raja Sabapathy, MD.  This facility is a Microsurgical Institute specializing in reconstructive trauma surgery, and has trained over 400 surgeons from around the world. We have sent 18 residents & fellows over the past 6 years since Dr. Boyer & Dr. Raja Sabapathy established this fully funded program.

Below is what fellow Duretti Fufa, Hand Fellow 2011-2012 had to say about her experience:

One of the most unique opportunities we have is to travel abroad for our microsurgical training course. Ganga Hospital is located in Coimbatore in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a well-respected, private hospital specializing in plastic and orthopaedic surgery. They see a tremendous volume of trauma (70 open injuries/month, 36 major replantations from 2001-2010), largely from "road traffic accidents". Their microsurgical techniques and skills are top-notch and their mission is to provide this care to all who enter their door.

The microsurgery course is based on the classic instruction of Dr Robert Acland in Louisville, KY. They have educated surgeons from around the world.  Aside from the acquisition of the technical skills of microsurgery, I was most influenced by the commitment and wisdom of the surgeons. Their frequent teachings always came in the form of poignant metaphors. Their passion for reconstructive surgery was infectious. Between the course, observing cases in the operating theater, and gaining international mentors and colleagues, my experience there could not be matched in the United States.”

  • The Ganga Microsurgery Training Institute is in the hospital itself
  • The training is one-on-one
  • The Louisville/Acland protocol is used, complete with video and manuals
  • An opportunity to observe in the OR and on rounds occurs daily
  • An amazing cross-cultural experience is had
  • All accommodations are at the Residency Hotel. This hotel is very comfortable and has excellent food and clean water

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