The Operative Experience

The Fellows are afforded increasing levels of responsibility commensurate with experience, competence and technical skills. An attending surgeon is present or is available for all operative cases.  The breadth of operative cases to which Fellows are exposed are seen in the SHUE Document.

In the operating room, the Fellow’s responsibilities include: assisting the attending hand surgeon at surgery, performing hand surgery under the direct supervision of the attending hand surgeon, performing hand surgery independently after having discussed the case with the attending surgeon and assisting and supervising the surgery of Residents assigned to the hand surgery service.

  • Open Surgery – trauma, reconstruction, nerve compression, arthritis, infections
  • Arthroscopy of the wrist, elbow & hand
  • Implants for the treatment of arthritis
  • Brachial plexus, nerve transfers, stroke, CP, SCI
  • Micro – flaps / replants
  • Congenital hand surgery
  • Trauma
  • While this is not a strictly microsurgical fellowship such as offered at Chang Gung University in Taiwan, we believe that basic competence in microsurgical vessel anast, elevation & transposition of f-c,c,osteo cut, osseous & muscle flaps should be within the armamentarium of the graduating hand fellow.

The following are summaries of the last three years of Fellows’ case logs.  With the addition of Dr. Dan Osei and Dr. Lindley Wall and the establishment of a new microsurgical service, the volume of free tissue transfer reconstructions of both upper and lower extremities will increase as well.

2008-2009 (Fellow 1Fellow 2)
2009-2010 (Fellow 1, Fellow 2)
2010-2011 (Fellow 1, Fellow 2)

Fasciocutaneous (ALT, RFF, UAF)
Osteocutaneous (Fibula)
Muscle & Musculocutaneous (Gracilis)
Composite Tissue (Great Toe, Second Toe)

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