Commitment to Excellence in Surgical Education

Hand Surgery is technique-dependent.  In order to achieve excellent surgical results, the surgeon must have an excellent ability to be a meticulous applied anatomist, and be able to move through tissue with alacrity in order to minimize scar, preserve gliding surfaces, and effect mechanically sound reconstruction surgery. All this so that early appropriate rehab may be instituted. At Washington University, we focus on surgical education.

  • PA’s & S+E/Hand Floor NP — The ‘housekeeping’ requirement of Fellows is kept to a minimum by the presence of dedicated support staff to carry out routine patient care activities both pre- and post-operative.
  • This is a surgical fellowship where the technical & intellectual education of the hand surgeon is foremost.
  • Participation in general orthopedic trauma call is offered, but not mandatory (to maintain skills developed during residency)
  • An in-depth microsurgical training course at the Ganga Microsurgical Training Institute in Coimbatore, India, is offered. The development of independent expertise in small vessel anastomosis is stressed.
  • All attending surgeons heavily worked both as faculty and as organizing ASSH courses
  • Monday AM Conference 
         · Case Studies from private offices, ER, OR and “Fellows Clinic”
         · Faculty Lectures 
         · Anatomy Journal Club – JHS(Am), JBJS (Am)
         · Patient Exams – usually from private offices or from “Fellows Clinic”, these patients come in for consultation with all attendings and fellows. 

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