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Pictured above: all resident classes 2022-2026 

We are proud of our hard-working, motivated and diverse group of residents. They come from a variety of backgrounds with the singular goal of becoming the best orthopaedic surgeons possible. Our residents take a tremendous amount of pride in maintaining a culture of excellence and support. They value hard work, dedication and a relaxed, team-oriented environment.

Resident Class of 2022

Left to right: Ryan Hill, USC; John Clayton Clohisy, University of Missouri-Columbia; Mitchel Obey, Mayo; Peter Chang, University of SD; Scott Runyon, Weill Cornell; Daniel Bechtold, University of WA; Jordan Stivers, University of Oklahoma; Max Shlykov, University of Michigan

Resident Class of 2023

Left to right: Andrea Tian, Washington Univ; Tom Hong, Washington Univ; Kate Buesser, Yale; Paul Inclan, Wake Forest; Justin Hicks, Wake Forest; David Clever, Ohio State University; Nish Dwivedi, Boston University

Resident Class of 2024

Left to right: Elizabeth Graesser, Washington University,  Sarah Ballatori, Tufts University, Quante Singleton, Medical College of Georgia, Sally Jo, Washington University, Dwayne Carney, Howard University, Noel Palumbo, University of Florida, Mark Feger, Virginia Commonwealth University, Matt Booth, University of Florida.

Resident Class of 2025 

Left to right: Joseph Gibian, Vanderbilt University, Arakua Welbeck, Duke University, Richard Silverman, Washington University, Katherine Gerull, Washington University, Sean Cahill, Yale University, Andrew Kuhn, Vanderbilt University, Maria Schwabe, Washington University, Nichelle Enata, Meharry Medical College.

Resident Class of 2026

Left to right: Ndéye F. Guissé, Emory University, Ravi Agrawal, Boston University, Jesse Hu, Washington University, Helena Barber, Duke University, Caroline Granger, University of Miami, Lindsey Kahan, Brown University, Jeremy Huckleby, University of Illinois, Daniel Pereira, Vanderbilt University.


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