Pediatric Sports Medicine Experience

Pediatric orthopaedic fellows will participate in a high volume, pediatric sports medicine practice. The pediatric sports medicine service and its Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital Young Athlete Center provides comprehensive care of the young athlete. Jeffrey Nepple, MD, works alongside nonoperative pediatric sports medicine providers Mark Halstead, MD, and Terra Blatnik, MD, to provide care to a large volume of athletes. With fellowship training in both pediatric and adult sports medicine, Dr. Nepple provides care to pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients with sports medicine conditions of the knee and hip, as well as ankle, shoulder, and elbow.

Fellows have the opportunity to for a large volume of common injuries like ACL tears and patellar dislocations,but also exposure to less common procedures like physeal-sparing ACL reconstruction, OCD treatments including osteochondral allograft, tibial spine fractures, multiligament knee injuries, among others. Similarly, exposure to a broad spectrum of adolescent and young adult hip pathology treated with hip arthroscopy, surgical hip dislocation, femoral osteotomy, and periacetabular osteotomy occurs as well. Fellows can participate in sideline coverage of high school football in coordination with Dr. Nepple. An arthroscopic cadaver lab is available in the department offices and allows for additional training opportunities on arthroscopic techniques. Dr. Nepple is actively involved in a number of multi-center study groups including PLUTO, ROCK, FACT, and ANCHOR. Extensive research opportunities are available for fellows interested.

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