Orthopedic Minute - Common Knee Injuries


Hi, I'm Dr. Luhmann from Washington University Orthopedics. When parents and families come to see me at St. Louis Children's Hospital, many of them have questions about knee injuries suffered during athletics. Ninety percent of the time, these injuries are in the form of one of three diagnoses.

Number one, an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury which is the most commonly injured ligaments in knee and a main stabilizer during athletics. Number two, the meniscus. The meniscus tears are common during pivoting and cutting injuries and cause significant trauma inside the joint after the injury. The third injury is a patellofemoral or Knee Cap dislocation which occurs in the lateral direction and can injure the tissues on the inside part of the knee and can cause fractures inside of the joints.

Almost 50% of the time, when a child has this type of swelling after an athletic injury, early surgery can be indicated.

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