Orthopedic Clinical Research Center

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery’s Orthopedic Clinical Research Center (OCRC) was started in 2017 and is designed to foster collaboration, synergy and more rapid translation of orthopedic research findings into clinical practice.

The goal of the OCRC is to take better care of our patients through research discovery of better care models, treatments, and outcome measures. Through research, we want to change orthopedics non only in our community, but around the world. 

The OCRC brings together all of the clinical research under way in Washington University School of Medicine’s orthopedic subspecialties:

Medical students interested in participating in clinical research in the department should complete the intake form and required training. Onboarding occurs twice a year, at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

The OCRC’s team of research coordinators will work with clinical researchers on various aspects of their research including these key components of successful research:

  • Study design
  • Statistical analysis
  • Processes to facilitate Institutional Review Board approval

Three other research-changing functions will be provided in the OCRC:

  •  A common database system, REDCap, has been implanted and is currently being used by all researchers as a common system to further enhance research.
  • The OCRC will help facilitate research among our residents and fellows who often do not have experience with the processes required for safe, compliant research. The OCRC will enhance their ability to engage in research and hopefully spark a lifelong interest. 
  • Continuing research education for all parties (attending surgeons, trainees, and research coordinators) is another key component of the OCRC.

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