Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship 

Fellowship TrainingWashington University School of Medicine / Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship

The Orthopaedic Trauma Service (OTS) within the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Washington University is based at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the primary teaching hospital for the School of Medicine.  Barnes-Jewish is a 1,350-bed acute and tertiary care facility with a state of the art trauma unit and emergency facility that is an American College of Surgeons designated Level 1 Trauma Center, one of two in St. Louis.

 The fellow (1) works directly with three (currently 2, with a plan to have hired a third by 2019) full time fellowship trained orthopaedic traumatologists where the fellow will gain access to clinical, educational and research domains of academic practices. Clinical exposure will include acute musculoskeletal trauma and surgery for fractures including those of the: pelvis; acetabulum; upper and lower extremity periarticular and long bone; and foot & ankle. Exposure to acute trauma will include high and low energy injuries, multi-trauma and isolated fractures, blunt and penetrating injuries and also includes management of associated problems such as compartment syndrome and soft tissue injuries. The fellow will also have exposure to post-traumatic problems such as nonunions, malunions, infections (acute and chronic), and post-traumatic arthritis and their associated surgical and nonsurgical managements.

The program is designed to provide a graduated level of independence customized to the clinical scenario and individual fellow’s skills that includes a balance of mentorship and preparation for post-fellowship practice. The fellow will have access to a multitude of educational resources (e.g., core syllabus, library of case presentations, clinical pathways, core lecture series, cadaver lab) and will be an active participant in and leader of a variety of educational sessions (described in the Education Section). The fellow will participate in monthly Trauma Service research meetings and be mentored by the faculty through several research projects in various stages of maturity.  Goals include to complete at least one de-novo project while a fellow, with the eventual completion of 2-3 original manuscripts.  The fellow will have the assistance of a research coordinator dedicated to the trauma service.

Applicants must have completed an accredited orthopaedic surgery residency and be eligible for employment in the United States and for a permanent Missouri State medical license prior to the start of training. We participate in the orthopaedic trauma fellowship match program sponsored by the Orthopaedic Trauma Association and administered by San Francisco Match. To participate in the match, simply complete the online registration.


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