Orthopedic Minute — Partial Knee Replacements


Time for another Orthopedic Minute presented by Washington University Physicians.

Hello, my name is Dr. Robert Barrack with Washington University Orthopedics. When I see patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, they often complain of knee pain. If you have pain in your knee that doesn't respond to medications or injections, you may think that total knee replacement is your only option. If the arthritis only involves the inside of the knee, which is very common, there's an exciting new option called minimally invasive partial knee replacement.

This x-ray shows a partial knee where only the inside of the knee joint is replaced and the rest of the patient's knee is retained, compared to a total knee replacement in which the entire surface of the knee joint has been replaced with an artificial joint.

Partial knee replacement involves smaller muscle-sparing incision. It retains about 75% of your own normal knee tissue, allows for more rapid recovery, less pain and more normal motion. For the right patient with knee arthritis, I think this approach involves a number of advantages over traditional total knee replacement.

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