Orthopedic Minute - Shoulder Instability


Time for another Orthopedic Minute presented by Washington University Physicians.

Hello, I'm Dr. Jay Keener from Washington University Orthopedics. When I see patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital or the Orthopedic Center in Chesterfield, they often have complaints of shoulder instability. Shoulder instability is a condition where the humeral head or the ball slides out of its normal position in the socket. Patients with shoulder instability often complain of position dependent pain, apprehension and shifting sensations in the shoulder.

The treatment of shoulder instability centers around a careful evaluation and work-up. Most patients require x-rays and in many cases, an MRI of the shoulder is performed as well. Physical therapy and exercise can help patients with minor shifting symptoms. Patients with more severe damage in the shoulder will often require surgery. Many times this can be performed arthroscopically on an outpatient basis.

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