Orthopedic Minute - Rotator Cuff Treatment


Time for another Orthopedic Minute presented by Washington University Physicians.

Hello, I'm Dr. Jay Keener with Washington University Orthopedics. Many patients who come to see me at the Outpatient Facility in Chesterfield or Barnes-Jewish Hospital are experiencing shoulder pain.

The most common cause of shoulder pain is rotator cuff disease. The rotator cuff are a group of four muscles and tendons deep within the shoulder joint. Pain is usually experienced in the upper arm or shoulder and can sometimes be felt at night time. Actions for treatment depend on how severe the damage is on the rotator cuff and tendons. Non-surgical management such as physical therapy and injections can be very beneficial. If a patient has a tear and they fail non-surgical treatment, then arthroscopic minimally invasive rotator cuff repair surgery can be very helpful with proven benefits.

You should consult your physician if you experience pain in the shoulder or upper arm that last longer than 6 weeks or significant pain at night time or pain associated with a history of injury.

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