February 01, 2021

The world of medicine is always changing. At Washington University Orthopedics, we pride ourselves with staying on the cusp of change and evolving to meet the needs of patients.

When the COVID pandemic swept the St. Louis region, our physicians and staff quickly adjusted to make health care easily available to all patients. When a community shutdown and social distancing became the new norm, telehealth, also know as virtual visits, became essential. 
virtual visit is a secure and easy way to connect with an orthopedic specialist while remaining in the comfort of your own home. These visits are conducted by video, in real time, through your computer or phone. Although virtual visits have been around for years, the pandemic accelerated and dramatically increased the frequency of this type of visits. 
Mary Mech, one of the first patients to have a post-surgery virtual visit, says, “I felt like the virtual visit was just as thorough as an in person visit, possibly even better…no driving or waiting! I wore a sleeveless shirt so [my surgeon] could see my incision. I prepared a list of questions and he addressed them all. Dr. Chamberlain demonstrated an exercise on camera just like he would have in person. I was very pleased I was able to have my appointment from the comfort of my home.”
On top of the added convenience of not having to commute or park, scheduling is very easy. Patients may call (314) 514-3500 or request a virtual visit online



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