Living Well Center Pilot Program

Lifestyle as Medicine Program: Shared Medical Appointments

Learn how to use your lifestyle as medicine through nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and health behavior change. This program is part of our shared medical appointment series, where your medical appointment will include a one-hour group session led by clinicians from the Living Well Center, and an individual appointment with Mollie Dwivedi, PA-C, DipACLM, who is board-certified in lifestyle medicine. 

Class Topics and Agendas

Restful and restorative sleep habits by Mollie Dwivedi, PA-C, DipACLM

  • Benefits of sleep Common sleep problems
  • The circadian rhythm
  • Daily habits that promote restful sleep

Plant-predominant nutrition for optimal health by Nartana Mehta, RD

  • Gut microbiome
  • Calorie density
  • Plant-based diets and frequently asked questions
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Risky alcohol use

Forming healthy habits and goal-setting by Andy Howard, PLPC

  • Setting intentions for behavior change
  • Goals and plans
  • Habits and how to form new habits

Sitting time and physical activity by  Mollie Dwivedi, PA-C, DipACLM

  • Benefits of exercise
  • Risks of sitting too long
  • Types of exercise
  • Building a fitness routine
  • Justin Tatman, AT-C attends some sessions to provide exercise tips and tricks

Stress reduction by Mollie Dwivedi, PA-C, DipACLM

  • Good stress vs. bad stress
  • Stress management techniques
  • Mindfulness: definition, attitudes, and practice
  • Emotional well-being

The science of chronic pain and strategies for management by Andy Howard, PLPC and Mollie Dwivedi, PA-C, DipACLM

  • Definition and types of pain
  • Understanding chronic pain
  • Using acceptance and commitment therapy as a tool for managing chronic pain
  • Mindfulness
  • Life map

How do I sign up?

  • Have your initial assessment at the Living Well Center prior to your first shared medical appointment.
  • Call us at (314) 514-3565 to schedule for one, some or all sessions. Please call in advance if you are unable to attend, as spots are limited. View our events calendar here for upcoming sessions.

Is it covered by insurance?

Each visit is billed to insurance as a return office visit (subject to copay, coinsurance, and/or deductible). 

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