Current Research and Clinical Trials

Pediatric OrthopedicsOur pediatric orthopedic specialists are involved in numerous clinical and basic research projects. An NIH-funded study is under way evaluating the effectiveness of bracing for young patients diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Other research focuses on the design and evaluation of a new brace to prevent clubfoot recurrence, ongoing assessments of the Ponseti method for clubfoot treatment, and development of new, less invasive treatments for congenital vertical talus. For sports medicine patients, physicians actively research treatments for anterior crucical ligament (ACL) injuries, patellar dislocations/instability, and osteochondritis dessicans in knees of young athletes. Additional research directed toward spinal patients includes advanced techniques to stabilize or correct spinal deformities, especially during growth of the adolescent spine. Vertebral body stapling (VBS), vertebral body tethering, and the Shilla technique also are newer techniques being used and refined by Washington University Orthopedics.

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