Current Research & Clinical Trials

Foot and AnkleWashington University Orthopedics is nationally recognized for premier clinical care and orthopedic research. Among the research ongoing within the practice and related to foot and ankle problems are:

Heel pain – Many individuals suffer discomfort and heel pain for years because of chronic plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue supporting the arch of the foot. Physicians are actively investigating new treatment options for this debilitating pain, including the use of shockwave therapy, a non-surgical treatment that shows exciting results for alleviating heel pain in appropriate patients.  (This is a retrospective study and is not accepting new patients).

Diabetes-related foot problems – Researchers are investigating the use of Botox injections in diabetic patients with forefoot ulcers and the role of bone mineral density on neuropathic fractures.

Other areas of research include evaluation of new treatments for acquired flat foot deformity and Morton’s interdigital neuroma (an inflammation of the nerves leading to the toes), as well as for the correction of congenital dorsal bunion deformities in adolescents. We also are evaluating patient outcomes following surgical procedures for arthritis of the great toe joint. Upcoming is a clinical trial for a new bone graft substitute for fusion foot and ankle joints.

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