Brophy, Rai, Wright, Sandell awarded 2013 AOSSM/Sanofi Biosurgery Osteoarthritis Grant

Dr. Robert Brophy, with collaborators M. Farooq Rai, Rick Wright and Linda Sandell, was awarded the 2013 AOSSM/Sanofi Biosurgery Osteoarthritis Grant for his study, “Molecular Profiling of Meniscus and Articular Cartilage in Knees With and Without Osteoarthritis to Identify Candidate Genes for Therapeutic Intervention.” The study will investigate the relationship between gene expression of the meniscus and articular cartilage in the knee from patients undergoing partial meniscectomy and total knee replacement. The results from this project could advance our understanding of how changes in these tissues predict and reflect the development of OA in the knee joint. Ultimately, this could lead to more accurate assessment of patient risk for developing OA and identify potential targets for therapeutic intervention to delay or prevent OA.

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