November 27, 2023

Meet Brie Terrell

Physician Assistant 

Brie specializes in the nonoperative management of acute musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. She sees patients at the Orthopedic Injury Clinic, providing care for urgent orthopedic injuries.

Where are you from? 

I consider myself “pretty much” from St. Louis. I was born in Colorado and moved around a few times prior to starting second grade here. I left for college (Wisconsin) and PA school (Texas), but that St. Louis magnetism always brought me back. I’m proud of my city and the wealth of attractions, sporting events, and diversity it offers.

What made you choose orthopedics as a specialty?

Orthopedics was a natural course for me. I had multiple childhood injuries that resulted in orthopedic visits and I loved wrapping injuries and treating them long before I had any formal training. I’d also treat my siblings and friends… if they’d let me. My father is a retired MD and my mother a retired RN (neither in Ortho), so people assumed I had some genetic medical knowledge.


People can have orthopedic injuries at any age and from a myriad of causes/accidents. It provides a diverse patient population that keeps work interesting. Pediatric patients are my favorite, you can be a little silly and you can never predict what they will say. Actually, some of my more mature patients are the same way.


What brought you to Washington University Orthopedics?


Ever since I returned to St. Louis and started practice, my long term goal was to get to WashU. Most of it is the reputation and I wanted to be the type of provider that deserves to work for WashU. In my short time here I’m amazed by the skill and dedication of the physicians and my fellow APPs. I’m truly proud to be part of this team.


What aspect of your work do you find most interesting or rewarding?


The most rewarding part of my job is seeing an injury or orthopedic condition through the course to recovery. Some injuries are very debilitating and life changing for people. You see them very low and try to help them find the light at the end of the tunnel. When you’re able to release them from care after recovery it’s like an obstacle course you completed together. The human body itself is amazing in its ability to heal, especially in pediatric patients.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?


Outside of work my husband and I have two girls, a cat, and a dog. We enjoy activities on the weekends, especially the various festivals around St. Louis. We keep busy chauffeuring to sports, music lessons, and scouts. This past summer we spent a wonderful week in Colorado, finally showing my girls the mountains and visiting family and friends. I do weekly hot yoga as mental therapy and enjoy reading, true crime podcasts, audio books, and cooking. Spending time with friends is a very important part of my life as they are my second family.


What is the best advice you ever received?


The best advice I’ve ever received is from my father. He told me, “Sometimes the only control you have over a situation is your reaction to it.” I cannot think of a time in my life where this hasn’t applied, whether a personal relationship or a professional issue. It also keeps me from perseverating over the “what ifs”—I don’t control those. It allows me to look at the situation, react (or not) and move on.


If you weren't in health care, what would you like to be doing?


I honestly can’t image not working in medicine. I love animals, so maybe I’d be working at an animal shelter. I also enjoy working concession stands for some reason.


Anything else you would like to share? 

I love to show my girls new things and teach them through experience. Either visiting new places and learning about the environment there, or getting out an app to learn about the plants. Our zoo and Grant’s Farm are fun places to learn about animals. They talk to artists at art fairs to learn about their talents. My oldest was amazed at how many kinds of art there are after the Schlafly Art Fair. They’re little sponges and watching them absorb new things is amazing. As they are getting older, I look forward to traveling with them and showing them places I’ve loved, as well as finding new ones.

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