January 04, 2023

David Bumpass, MD, completed his residency and fellowship training at Washington University Orthopedics, where he learned to become an outstanding spine surgeon. After medical school at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, he knew he wanted to train at WashU Ortho for access to the renowned spine service. 

Teachers and Mentors

During medical school, Dr. Bumpass was exposed to working with the complexities of the spine, and this is when he decided orthopedics would be his specialty. During his time with at WashU Ortho, he learned so much from his instructors and mentors like Dr. Bridwell, Dr. Lenke, and Dr. Buchowski. "The department had a high commitment to excellence at every level," Dr. Bumpass reminisced. "In education, the emphasis was on training us to be leaders in orthopedics. What we were able to learn at WashU Ortho was next-level. It was a launching pad for the rest of our careers and was tremendously beneficial."

Learning to Become a Leader

Now, Dr. Bumpass leads the spine service at Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH). He is the spine division director and vice chair of research. His research primarily focuses on clinical outcomes of adult and pediatric patients with spinal deformities. He recalls the impact of working for leaders in spine surgery at WashU Ortho, "I always thought it was great to see how involved faculty were in their specialty – from national organizations to hospital boards." He credits Dr. Gelberman and Dr. Wright with the impact they made on his leadership style.

Advice and "Calling Home"

Dr. Bumpass learned a lot along the way from many wise individuals. Some of the advice he carries with him today includes paying attention to the details in every aspect of practice, putting the patient and integrity first, and always being a lifelong learner. The value of learning is so important to Dr. Bumpass that he likely would have been a teacher if he hadn't pursued a career in medicine.

Outside of his life at the hospital, Dr. Bumpass and his wife enjoy spending time with their children. They love to explore the outdoors together by hiking and boating. He keeps in contact with some of his co-residents from WashU Ortho and the faculty here that so positively impacted his journey. "I have always appreciated being able to "call home" to WashU Ortho for advice on tough cases." 

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