July 06, 2022

The Washington University Orthopedics vice chairs have specific duties and responsibilities that work across the various divisions. These individuals serve as leaders for advancement of the department vision to redefine excellence in orthopedics and carry out our mission to demonstrate excellence in clinical care, education, research, and leadership. 

We thank the vice chairs for their commitment to our department, community, and patients.

Charles Goldfarb, MD - Executive Vice Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery

As Executive Vice Chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Goldfarb will be involved in all aspects of department management, including overview and review of department finances, strategic planning, organizational development and processes, and support and engagement of faculty, trainees, and staff. Dr. Goldfarb has a specific role in leading the division chiefs’ meeting and working directly with the division chiefs in their development of high quality programs. Division chiefs will report to Dr. Goldfarb on an annual basis. This position will be highly involved with the clinical operations of the department. In that role, Dr. Goldfarb will work closely with the Sr. Director of Clinical Operations, Nick Wiscons. Dr. Goldfarb plays a very important role as a member of the department’s senior leadership team. He provides a strong connection with the faculty and will be in direct communication with the Department Chair, Regis O'Keefe, MD, PhD

Alexander Aleem, MD, MSc - Vice Chair of Education 

As Vice Chair of Education, Dr. Aleem will work across all divisions to promote a culture of educational excellence. His portfolio of activities will include the residency program in orthopedic surgery, where he is currently the program director. In addition, Dr. Aleem will have oversight of the physical medicine & rehabilitation residency program and will work collaboratively with John Metzler, MD, the program director. He will also oversee medical student educational activities, and support the co-directors of that program, Marschall Berkes, MD, and Nate Olafsen, MD, as well as the implementation of the new medical school curriculum. Finally, Dr. Aleem will work with the orthopedic subspecialty fellowship directors to implement best practices and facilitate optimal integration with the residency programs.

Jacob Buchowski, MD, MS - Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs

As Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, Dr. Buchowski will work across all divisions to promote a culture of high-quality clinical care that promotes safety and patient satisfaction. He will work very closely with hospital perioperative service leadership across our clinical sites to promote OR access, high-quality care, efficient utilization, and innovation in surgical care. This will involve a close working relationship with leadership of each of the divisions as they implement their strategic plans, recruitment efforts, and faculty development.


Eric Carson, MD - Vice Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As Vice Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dr. Carson will work across all divisions and programs to promote the values articulated in the department vision statement and promote an inclusive culture that respects and embraces individual differences and supports the development of strong teams in which each member truly belongs and has a voice. He will oversee the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee and will work closely with members of that committee and the Diversity Coordinator to identify and prioritize opportunities to promote diversity, equity, and belonging. Dr. Carson will define educational opportunities and programs that improve understanding and appreciation of cultural differences, and he will work across the department to advance diversity in recruitment efforts. He will also help to define the department approach to ensure equity in patient care.

Anna Miller, MD - Vice Chair of Academic Affairs 

As Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, Dr. Miller will work across all divisions to promote a culture of academic excellence. She will work with the division chiefs to develop strong mentoring programs that promote junior faculty career development and advancement. Dr. Miller will ensure that faculty understand the promotion process and she will lead the department promotions process and will compose promotion letters for all clinical faculty. Dr. Miller will also be involved in the recruitment of new faculty, and help ensure the development of a diverse faculty that is optimal for both individual and group success. She will meet with all junior faculty on an annual basis to help them develop career goals, strategies, and timelines.

Matthew Silva, PhD - Vice Chair of Research 

As Vice Chair of Research, Dr. Silva will work across the divisions and programs to promote a culture of discovery and research excellence. He will have a major role in developing the yearly departmental research budget and allocations, particularly for the faculty involved in the basic science research laboratories. Dr. Silva will lead the recruitment effort for scientific faculty and develop and oversee a mentoring program for young faculty, including clinician-scientists that are pursuing NIH-level research funding. He will oversee and work collaboratively with the Director of the Orthopedic Research Center to promote high quality clinical research that is compliant with federal research guidelines. 

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