April 13, 2023

Washington University Orthopedics' office at the Center for Advanced Medicine - South County has participated in the Washington University Green Office Program since 2016. Since then, the South County staff have been passionate about evaluating the sustainability of the office and making changes to become a greener location. 


Going for Gold

In 2017, the office was awarded the Bronze level and now has been awarded the Gold level back-to-back in 2021 and 2022. Our orthopedic surgery research office sets the example for our department at the Platinum level of Green Office certifications. 


Champions of Sustainability 

“Erica Asher, orthopedic technician, has taken charge of helping our site find ‘greener-ways,’” shares Nurse Administrator, Jean Szerzinski. “We are already looking for ways to become even more sustainable!” 


Coordinated by the Office of Sustainability and endorsed by Resource Management, WashU’s Green Office Program aims to encourage offices across all WashU campuses to be champions of our university’s sustainability ethic. 


Getting Green

Participation is initiated through a point-based, self-assessment checklist with which offices can evaluate their current practices, set goals, and be recognized for their sustainable practices. As participants complete the checklist, points are automatically tallied. When an office earns points above a set threshold, it will achieve Green Office certification.


Heather Craig, shares, “As a sustainability coordinator, one of the most exciting aspects of my job is working with WashU employees who are dedicated to making sustainable changes. The WashU Ortho CAM South County office is a wonderful example of a group of people who have decided to make collective change and have stuck with it.” 


The Green Office Program aims to expand the program over the next two years to be more inclusive of clinical spaces and sustainability needs around healthcare. WashU Ortho CAM South County will continue to be a leader of sustainability among the other 18 Washington University School of Medicine spaces that are currently certified. 


Congrats, Center for Advanced Medicine - South County team! Thank you for paving a greener way for us all. 

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