April 27, 2021

Photo source: Carlos Jasso | Reuters

Whether you work at a warehouse or at a desk, many employees have suffered from a musculoskeletal “injury” as a result of repetitive tasks or using poor ergonomic form on a daily basis.

However, “Many of these injuries are actually preventable, they’re not accidents, they’re things we can work to avoid and make a huge difference to patients,” says Anna Miller, MD, Vice Chair and Chief of Trauma at Washington University Orthopedics. Those prone to musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace often shy away from treatment to avoid missing time at work, and their chronic pain can lead to mental health issues such as depression.  

In this CNBC article, see how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is working to find solutions to the workplace musculoskeletal disorder that affects 1.71 billion people globally.

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