February 01, 2019

A few members of the SHFFT core work group: (top row, left to right): Cara Cipriano, MD, Michele Goad, Tiffany McGinnis, Kelly Osterman; (bottom row, left to right): Julie Eddins, Kaitlin Bomar, Anna Miller, MD

The Surgical Hip and Femur Fracture Treatment (SHFFT) Care Redesign team was recognized with a Team Award for Quality Improvement (TAQI) award at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Employee Recognition Ceremony, held on Monday, January 28, 2019.

The SHFFT initiative was a joint effort with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University to improve care for patients with traumatic and impending hip and femur fractures. The team streamlined the patient’s care journey from arrival at Barnes-Jewish Hospital through discharge and included follow-up visits with WUSM Orthopedic clinics. As a result, the SHFFT initiative identified and standardized best practices across nursing units and reduced readmissions.

The SHFFT initiative engaged over 35 individuals from multiple departments at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University, and included a core work group of 11 individuals. Core work group members from orthopedics included Cara Cipriano, MD, musculoskeletal oncology surgeon, Anna Miller, MD, orthopedic trauma surgeon, Juie Eddins, NP, Kelly Osterman, RN, and Michele Goad, Program Manager for Neurosciences-Orthopedics.

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