MAGEC Grow Rod Procedure for Scoliosis Treatment

Spine Anatomy

The spine is consisted of 26 bones known as vertebrae (7 cervical, 12 Thoracic, 5 Lumbar, the sacrum and the coccyx). Each vertebra is separated (except the top two in the neck) by a disc. Each disc has a soft jelly like center surrounded by a tough outer layer of fibers known as the annulus. Discs, bony structures ligaments and strong muscles stabilize the spine.

The spinal cord is composed of nerves leading to and from the brain. It controls and transmits all muscle movement and sensation for the trunk, arms and legs. Nerve roots come from the spinal cord and carry electrical impulses to and from muscles, organs and other structures. These nerve roots can become pinched or irritated by abnormal conditions.

MAGEC Grow Rod Procedure


What is the MAGEC Grow Rod Procedure?
This is a procedure that is performed with rods and screws to allow for continued, controlled growth of the spine.

What does this incision look like?
This is done through a single incision in the back of the spine.

What does the MAGEC Grow Rod consist of?
In general, one or two rods span the curve under the skin to avoid damaging the growth tissues of the spine. The rods attach to the spine at the top and bottom of the curve with screws.

How can the scoliosis curve be affected?
The curve can usually be corrected 50% at the time of the first operation. The goal of the operation is to decrease the severity of the curve, assist growth of the curve, and stabilize the curve progression.

How long is the operation for placement of the MAGEC Rod?
Typically, the operation is approximately four hours.

Will my child have to have another operation?
Possibly, but the goal is to minimize surgery in the future with the lengthening of the rods by the remote control and magnet.

Will my child have to wear a brace?
Some children will have to wear a brace to protect the instrumentation. The decision of brace wear is made by Dr. Luhmann based on multiple factors.

When will my child have the final spinal fusion type procedure?
This decision is made by Dr. Luhmann and the family. A spinal fusion procedure is suggested near the end of the child’s growth or if it is clinically needed sooner.

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