Proximal Femoral Resection

Preop                                            Postop

What is this procedure?

The patient’s femoral head and a portion of the femur are removed.


Why is this procedure indicated?

Patients that have failed reconstruction, continue to be painful, and have limited range of motion or “stiff” hip

How does this procedure work to decrease pain?

The abduction osteotomy pulls hip further away from hip and decreases the pain producing forces on the ileum

The proximal femoral resection leads to a painless floppy leg.

What is the goal of this procedure?

The primary goal is to decrease pain caused by the hip and to increase motion. This can lead to improved sitting, standing and decrease difficulty with peri care.


What does the incision look like?

Patients have an incision 2-3 inches down the side of the hip bone/femur bone.

How the child is treated post operatively?

The child will be in a hip abduction pillow for comfort.

How long will the child be in the hospital?

From 3-5 days

Why does my child need radiation?

We typically start the radiation evaluation process pre operatively. Radiation is used to prevent heterotopic bone ossification. (used to prevent the bone to over grow)

Will my child need physical therapy?

We use physical therapy post operatively to work with families on transfers and gentle range of motion of the hips. Exercises are given to families to work on the first few weeks post operatively until formal physical therapy is needed.

How will my child’s pain be treated post operatively?

The pain service will work closely in the hospital to help meet your child’s pain needs.

Patients are typically sent home on a narcotic and a medication to prevent spasms. Patients tend to take this medication for about a week post operatively before switching to over the counter medications.

When do we follow up with Dr. Keeler?

·         7-10 days

·         4-6 weeks

·         3 months

·         6months

·         Year

When should we call the office?


            * Redness, warmth or drainage around incision site

            * increased pain not relieved by pain medications

Important numbers:

Jackie Perez, Medical Assistant 314-454-4985           [email protected]

Kim Cordia, Nurse Educator 314-454-5221                 [email protected]

After hours number (866)582-8055

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