Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The questions below provide a way to discuss your joint pain with your doctor or specialist, and to see if you are a joint replacement candidate. Take them with you to your doctor, and be sure to ask any additional questions you may have.

1.  Are there any other pain relief options for me that could work as well as joint replacement?

2.  If I have a joint replacement, how much will it relieve my pain?

3.  How is the procedure done?

4.  What do you do to manage the pain after the surgery?

5.  What are the risks or complications of joint replacement?

6.  How long will I be in the hospital, and how soon after having the procedure can I get back to normal daily activities?

7.  Is joint replacement covered by my insurance?

8.  After the procedure, will I see you or my regular doctor for follow-up care?

9.  If I decide to have joint replacement, which company's product do you think will be best for me? Why?

10. If I have joint replacement, will you perform my surgery? How many of these procedures have you performed?

11.  What kind of activities will I be able to participate in after joint replacement?

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