Women in Ortho: Fireside Chat - Leadership in the Operating Room with Dr. Ann Van Heest

In this episode: "Leadership in the Operating Room"

In this episode: "Leadership in the Operating Room"

Dr. Ann Van Heest is a national leader in congenital hand surgery, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of Education at the University of Minnesota. Some key lessons from her presentation include:

  • Maximizing surgical results requires us to compartmentalize the many distractions and challenges in other areas of our lives
  • Be aware of how you mentally and emotionally "arrive" to the OR
  • Think about how external events (such as work or family crises) and internal events (such as burnout) may impact your unprofessional behavior in the OR
  • Surgeons are the leaders of the OR team and should strive to lead by example

About the series: Anna Miller, MD, and Kate Gerull, MD, host "Women in Ortho: Virtual Fireside Chat Series."

In this free monthly webinar series, thought leaders in orthopedic surgery discuss critical leadership and professional development topics. This career development series aims create an intentional space for discussion, skills development, and relationship building centered around the lived experiences of women in orthopedics.

Students, residents, and practicing surgeons of all genders and specialties are welcome to attend. This program is generously funded through an AAOS Diversity Advisory Board IDEA Grant.

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