January 09, 2024

The J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society (JRGOS) recently highlighted Washington University Orthopedics pediatric spine specialist, Blake Montgomery, MD. Dr. Montgomery was selected as a recipient of the 2023 Orthopediatrics JRGOS Travel Fellowship. This esteemed grant aims to support orthopedic surgeons in their pursuit of advanced training and expertise, fostering innovation and excellence in the field. 

Dr. Montgomery's Ortho-pediatrics travel fellowship broadened his surgical exposure to various techniques, including thoracic tethering, revision for massive PJK, and novel instrumentation for PSI. Under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Newton at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California, Dr. Montgomery, an Assistant Professor at Washington University School of Medicine, is set to enhance his skills and knowledge, benefiting the orthopedic community.

Dr. Montgomery shared, “The clinic is well staffed and extremely efficient. It is great hearing the preoperative and postoperative discussions with patients that had very complex spinal pathology.  I learned a lot I will apply to my practice immediately. Additionally, the faculty and staff at Rady Children’s Hospital were fantastic hosts and I made connections and friendships that I am sure will only strengthen over time"

The J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society expresses heartfelt gratitude to Ortho-pediatrics for its generous support of Dr. Montgomery travel fellowships. Together, these initiatives contribute to the advancement and excellence of orthopedic care and research.

Originally shared by JRGOS

Learn more about Dr. Montgomery and pediatric spine care at WashU Ortho. 

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