May 04, 2022

Meet Joseph Sweet

Medical Assistant - Foot and Ankle

Joseph is a medical assistant at the Orthopedic Center in Chesterfield and at Progress West.

Where are you from?

I am from Lowell, Michigan (just outside of Grand Rapids) – and moved from Cape Girardeau (I got my Masters there while working with SEMO’s Baseball team and teaching at the University) to St. Louis (Soulard) in 2019. I then moved to Edwardsville in March 2021.

What brought you to Washington University Orthopedics?

I moved to the Saint Louis to be with my now wife, Cate. I applied to a couple jobs in the Saint Louis area, but had always heard great things about WashU. After meeting with several staff, it felt like the right fit.

What aspect of your work do you find most interesting or rewarding?

The most rewarding part is helping the patients. Seeing them improve their quality of life and know you played a part. The most interesting would be learning from my peers and our foot and ankle providers.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I like going on walks or hikes with my wife and dog. I have hiked in Yosemite (Half Dome is probably the coolest and most terrifying hike I have done) and the Redwood forest in California. Locally, we would walk around Forest park, Lafayette Square, drive to Meramec Trails, or Weldon Springs area in O’Fallon, MO. I also enjoy spending time with family and seeing my friends when I can. I also love sports. I use to play more than I do now, but I am usually trying to watch a game if I can.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

The best advice I’ve received is to smile – easier said than done, of course, and it’s a lot easier to smile when things are fun or easy. But remembering to smile on the tough days can help make not just your day better, but someone else’s too.

If you weren’t in health care, what would you like to be doing?

Something that involves being outdoors and traveling. Possibly coaching soccer to some degree.

Anything else you’d like to share?

My wife, Cate, and I have a golden retriever, Finn. If I am not at work, in school, or studying, the three of us are usually trying to get outside and do something or travel somewhere. We like to visit places around the country, sight see, and experience new foods/drinks/ways of life. My favorite vacation would either be a trip to France (I was a faculty member on a course that went to France for 10 days) or the Redwoods (five-day trip of hiking and backpacking).

Joseph works with foot and ankle specialist Jonathon Backus, MD, and treats patients at the Orthopedic Center in Chesterfield and Progress West. Learn more about our foot and ankle service and and why patients choose Washington University Orthopedics.

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