February 27, 2019

When your child is injured, you want the best care. St. Louis Children’s Hospital has made expert pediatric orthopedic care now more accessible than ever, with Washington University pediatric orthopedic specialists providing emergency room coverage at Missouri Baptist Medical Center and Progress West Hospital.

Kids are continuously growing, and our Washington University pediatric orthopedic specialists have completed extra training to take care of kids during their different developmental stages. Choosing a pediatric orthopedic specialist for your child’s injury can result in better long-term outcomes as kids’ bodies and growth plates heal.

Emergency pediatric orthopedic care from Washington University Orthopedics and St. Louis Children's Hospital is available at: 

Urgent pediatric orthopedic care (ages 5+) from Washington University Orthopedics is available at the Washington University Orthopedic Injury Clinic in Chesterfield and South County. 


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