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Performing ArtsResearch conducted by the physiatrists at Washington University Orthopedics includes evaluation of functional and quality of life outcomes in patients treated with vertebroplasty for osteoporotic compression fractures or spinal metastases. Other research examines treatment for hip disorders and women’s health issues, including spine and hip disorders.

Relationships among musculoskeletal conditions, subject characteristics and nutritional status in professional and collegiate dancers and aged-matched controls -- PI Lynnette Khoo-Summers, DPT

Purpose: The purpose of this study is being done to understand the different factors that may contribute to injury of dancers.  We are looking at various measures of joint flexibility, muscle strength, eating habits, and overall health status as they relate to injury rates.  We plan to use this information to help prevent injuries in dancers.


  • To investigate the range of motion and strength of the lower extremities in professional and collegiate dancers and then compared to age-matched controls and normal values found in the current literature on dancers.
  • To determine if tibiofemoral rotation measured in sitting and hip lateral rotation range of motion measured in prone, sitting and supine correlate with the dancer’s first position turnout.
  • To determine if lower quarter musculoskeletal injuries can be predicted based on the number of hours of dance  participation in the prior year.
  • To determine the incidence and prevalence of eating disorders in dancers.
  • To examine the l correlation between the female dancers’ menstrual cycle and stress fractures.
  • To determine if groin pain can be predicted from femoral anteversion based on the Craig’s test measured in prone and sitting, hip hyperextension measured in the 2-joint hip flexor length test position, positive straight leg raise test, and findings from the FABER and FADIR tests.

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