Current Research and Clinical Trials

Physicians with Washington University Orthopedics are involved in a variety of clinical trials in an effort to improve the care of adults requiring reconstructive surgery of the lower extremities.

Procedures Evaluated Are:

  • Outcome of hip resurfacing vs. total hip arthroplasty
  • Bone loss following hip resurfacing vs. total hip arthroplasty
  • Restoring bone loss with bone graft substitutes and bone proteins
  • Return to sports, employment, and normal sexual function following hip and knee arthroplasty
  • Evaluating cemented femoral component surface finish
  • Low-wear polyethylene hip implants
  • Hip and knee implant survivorship
  • Surgical management of osteonecrosis of the hip
  • Patient selection and results of hip osteotomies
  • Return to employment following joint replacement
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infection following joint replacement
  • Efficacy of hip arthroscopy procedures
  • Outcome of hip osteotomy and impingement procedures
  • Diagnosis and treatment outcomes of young adult hip procedures

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