Scott Simpson, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation



I do provide a broad range of care for musculoskeletal issues for everything short of surgery so that includes evaluation and diagnosis and prescription of physical therapy and exercise plans, potentially injections to help with pain that people are having as well. I see a pretty broad range of ages so I work a lot in our walk-in Orthopedic Injury Clinic. We have two locations now, we have locations in Chesterfield as well as in South County, and that's where we see patients with all kinds of acute injuries, sprains and fractures and all kinds of things that happen to people. So, the benefit to the patient is they don't have to wait to get in to see an orthopedic specialist they can walk in and be immediately evaluated by an orthopedic specialist and have their condition managed including casting or bracing if necessary and  we'll schedule them for follow-up as appropriate, either with one of our injury clinic providers or with one of our subspecialists for example the hands surgery service or the foot and ankle specialist if that is necessary.

I was a competitive long distance runner through high school and college and then shortly after and eventually had to give it up due to a string of injuries, so I definitely fully understand the issues that go into returning to play and the difficult decisions that sometimes have to be made. My practice does involve managing a lot of athletes, managing return-to-play issues, and getting people back to their sports and activities as quickly as possible, so as a physiatrist, function is very important to me and a lot of that is exercise and getting people back to their activities that they want to be doing and as physically active as possible in a safe timeline is something that's very important to me and I think very important to our patient population.

I think really carefully explaining what's going on with the patient and making sure they have a full understanding of the issues related to their particular injury whatever it may be and the way to best get them back to their full level of activity and minimize their pain, but I think that making sure that patients have that full understanding is really important to me in particular.

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