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Practice Overview

Christopher Dy, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery

Blog: Nerve Conditions and Injuries in the Hand and Arm

Clinical Office Locations
Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM)
4921 Parkview Place
St. Louis, MO 63110

Center for Advanced Medicine - South County
5201 Midamerica Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63129

Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Orthopedic Center
14532 S. Outer Forty Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Hospital Affiliations

Barnes-Jewish Hospital
St. Louis Children's Hospital

Common Procedures
Carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release, ulnar nerve transposition, nerve repair, nerve grafting, nerve transfer, nerve reconstruction, brachial plexus surgery, hand and wrist fracture fixation

Common Diagnosis
Traumatic adult brachial plexus injuries, compression neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, upper and lower extremity nerve injury, distal radius fractures, wrist fractures, metacarpal fractures, finger fractures

What is unique about seeing Dr. Dy for the treatment of brachial plexus injuries?
I take a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to patients with brachial plexus injuries. I have tremendous respect and understanding about how these injuries affect every part of a patient’s life (and their family’s lives), both physically and emotionally. It is my goal to improve overall quality of life for patients, and I understand that my surgery is only one part of that equation.

I make efforts to make sure that patients understand the diagnosis, the treatment options at that time, and the treatment options that may come up in the future. If I think surgery may be helpful, then we will talk about it and come to the decision for surgery together. We will discuss the risks of the surgery, the expected benefits of the surgery, and the alternatives to surgery. We will review what to expect in the weeks and months after surgery and what I anticipate for an ultimate outcome. Sometimes multiple surgeries over a series of months are a possibility, and I will review that plan with you as well.

For every patient undergoing brachial plexus surgery, I review the case in a multidisciplinary conference with other microsurgeons experienced in brachial plexus surgery, a neuroradiologist with expertise in brachial plexus imaging, and the electrodiagnostician who conducts the electrical studies. We discuss treatment goals and expectations, as well as the technical parts of the surgical plan.

I have dedicated a substantial portion of my training to develop an expertise in treating patients with brachial plexus injuries and complex peripheral nerve injuries. In addition to completing top training programs in orthopaedic surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery and hand/microsurgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, I have sought additional microsurgical training experiences in Wenzhou, China (as the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand’s Young Surgeon Traveling Fellow) and in Coimbatore, India (where I completed a microsurgical training course at Ganga Hospital).

Additionally, I will be traveling to Taiwan as a Visiting Scholar at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in February/March 2016. These experiences at leading microsurgery and brachial plexus surgery hospitals provide me with a combination of domestic and international technical expertise and treatment philosophies.



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