Regis O'Keefe, MD, PhD

Regis O'Keefe, MD, PhD
Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Fred C. Reynolds Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

This is a partial listing of 256 publications. For a complete listing, please visit this site.

1. Zhang, X, Schwarz, EM, Young, DA, Xing, L, Boyce, BF, Puzas, JE, Rosier, RN, and O’Keefe, RJ: Cyclooxygenase-2 regulates mesenchymal cell differentiation into the osteoblast lineage and is critically involved in bone repair. The Journal of Clinical Investigation 109 (11):1405-1415, 2002

2. Li, TF, Chen, D, Wu, Q, Sheu, T, Schwarz, EM, Drissi, H, Zuscik, MJ. and O’Keefe, RJ: TGF- Stimulates Cyclin D1 Expression through activation of -catenin signaling in chondrocytes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (30):21,296-304, 2006

3. Zuscik MJ, Hilton MJ, Zhang X, Chen D, O'Keefe RJ. Regulation of chondrogenesis and chondrocyte differentiation by stress. The Journal of Clinical Investigation 118: 429-38, 2008

4. Chen M, Zhu M, Awad H, Li TF; Sheu TJ, Boyce BF, Chen D, O'Keefe RJ. Inhibition of (beta)-catenin signaling causes defects in postnatal cartilage development. Journal of Cell Science 21; (Pt 9):1455-65, 2008

5. Naik AA, Xie C, Zuscik MJ, Kingsley P, Schwarz EM, Awad H, Guldberg, R, Drissi H, Puzas JE, Boyce B, Zhang X, O’Keefe RJ. Reduced COX-2 expression in aged mice is associated with impaired fractured healing. The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 24 (2): 251-64, 2009

6. Gunnell, LM, Jonason, JH, Loiselle, AE, Kohn, A, Schwarz, EM, Hilton, M J. O'Keefe, RJ. TAK1 regulates cartilage and joint Development via the MAPK and BMP Signaling pathways. The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 25 (8): 1784-97, 2010

7. Li TF, Gao L, Sheu RJ, Sampson ER, Flick LM, Konttinnen YR, Chen D. Schwarz EM, Zuscik MJ, Jonason JH, O’Keefe RJ. Aberrant hypertrophy in Smad3-deficient murine chondrocytes is rescued by restoring transforming growth factor beta-activated kinase 1/activating transcription factor 2 signaling: a potential clinical implication for osteoarthritis Arthritis and Rheumatism 62 (8):2359-69, 2010

8. Zhang M, Ho HC, Sheu TJ, Breyer MD, Flick LM, Jonason JH, Awad HA, Schwarz EM, O’Keefe RJ. EP1-/- mice have enhanced osteoblast differentiation and accelerated fracture repair. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 26:792-802, 2011

9. Dao DY, Jonason JH, Zhang Y, Hsu W, Chen D, Hilton MJ, O'Keefe RJ. "Cartilage-specific ß-CATENIN signaling regulates chondrocyte maturation, generation of ossification centers, and perichondrial bone formation during skeletal development". Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 27:1680-1694, August 2012

10. Li TF, Yukata K, Yin G, Sheu T, Maruyama T, Jonason JH, Hsu W, Zhang X, Xiao G, Konttinen YT, Chen D, O’Keefe RJ. “BMP-2 induces ATF4 phosphorylation in chondrocytes through a COX-2/PGE2 dependent signaling pathway”. Osteoarthritis Cartilage 22(3): 481-9. March 2014

11. Yukata K, Xie C, Li TF, Takahata M, Hoak D, Kondabolu S, Zhang X, Awad HA, Schwarz EM, Beck CA, Jonason JH, O'Keefe RJ. “Aging periosteal progenitor cells have reduced regenerative responsiveness to bone injury and to the anabolic actions of PTH 1-34 treatment".  Bone. 62:79-89. May 2014

12. Hadjiargyrou M, O’Keefe RJ. “The Convergence of Fracture Repair and Stem Cells: Interplay of Genes, Aging, Environmental Factors and Disease”. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 29(11):2307. November 2014

13. Lee DJ, Southgate RD, Farhat YM, Loiselle AE, Hammert WC, Awad HA, O’Keefe RJ. “Parathyroid hormone 1-34 enhances extracellular matrix deposition and organization during flexor tendon repair”. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 33:17. January 2015

14. Zhang M, Feigenson, M, Sheu, T-J, Awad, HA, Schwarz EM, Jonason JH, Loisell AE, O’Keefe RJ. “Loss of the PGE2 Receptor EP1 Enhances Bone Acquisition, Which Protects Against Age and Ovariectomy-induced Impairments in Bone Strength”. Bone (in press).

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