Current Research

Sandra Klein, MD

Sandra Klein, MD
Associate Professor
Director of Resident Education

“The Intraosseous Innervation of the Talar Dome: A Histologic Study” with John V. Marymont, M.D. and Francis H. Gannon M.D., Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, 2007.

Comparison of complications after foot surgery in patients with diabetic and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy.

Short-term response to first metatarsophalangeal joint corticosteroid injection for hallux rigidus.

One stage debridement and fusion for chronic 1st MTP joint ulceration.

Outcomes of the bridle procedure for the treatment of traumatic foot drop.

A retrospective review of slot-graft technique for treatment of nonunion in foot and ankle arthrodeses.

The intraosseous and extraosseous arterial anatomy of the tarsal navicular.

Idiopathic peripheral neuropathy in an outpatient foot and ankle practice.

Arterial anatomy of the tibiofibular syndesmosis.

Intraosseous and extraosseous vascular anatomy for the fifth metatarsal.

Clinical presentation and patient reported patterns of pain and function in patients with plantar heel pain.

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