Sarah Price - Spinal Fracture

"I didn't know what physiatry was," says Mary Price before her daughter Sarah needed treatment for escalating back pain. Sarah, an elite soccer player who traveled competitively across the country and began playing soccer at age 5, was devastated when she was diagnosed with an L-5 spinal fracture during her freshman year of high school. "She wanted to badly to play and followed Dr. Prather's orders to a T. She wore a back brace and did physical therapy for two months learning how to strengthen her muscles and prevent her pain, " says Price. The best news? In Sarah's sophomore year, she was offered a college scholarship to play soccer at a Division 1 school once she graduates from high school. "From start to finish, the physiatrist took into consideration Sarah's desire and need to play at an elite level. My daughter was given the best advice. We are thrilled with the results."


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