MAGEC Grow Rod Procedure for Scoliosis Treatment


What are MAGEC Grow Rods?

MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control)  growing rods are used to treat children with significant spinal curvature resulting from scoliosis. In this treatment system, a spine surgeon will attach one or two magnetic rods to the curve of a spine and then use an external remote control to lengthen the rods as a child grows.

Goals of MAGEC Grow Rods

The goal of the procedure is to decrease the severity of the curve, provide support to the growing spine and prevent the curve from worsening. Scoliosis curves can usually be corrected by 50% at the time of the first surgery.


Another goal of the MAGEC Rod Procedure is to eliminate the need for future surgery. As your child grows, the rods are lengthened by magnetic remote control, eliminating the need for rods to be surgically adjusted.


How long does the procedure last? 

The surgery typically lasts about four hours and is completed through a single incision in the back along the length of the spine. When placed, the rods span the length of a spinal curve, and attach to the spine at the top and bottom of the curve with screws.


Post-Operative Care 

After the rod is implanted, your doctor will use a remote control outside of the body to lengthen the magnetically-controlled rod as a child grows. Patients are seen in outpatient office visits for follow up care to lengthen the rods. 

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