Young Athlete Center Clinicians

The Young Athlete Center has a multidisciplinary treatment approach, working in collaboration with multiple clinicians from Washington University and St. Louis Children's Hospital to provide comprehensive care to pediatric and adolescent athletes. Please click on a provider's name below for a detailed bio and complete description of their clinical expertise.


Sports Medicine — Surgical Specialists
Jeffrey Nepple, MD, MS, Director, Young Athlete Center
Robert Brophy, MD
Matthew Matava, MD
Matthew Smith, MD

Sports Medicine — Nonsurgical Specialists
Mark Halstead, MD, Medical Director, Young Athlete Center
Terra Blatnik, MD 
Kayla Daniel, MD
Devyani Hunt, MD
Nathan Olafsen, MD

Hand and Wrist 
Charles Goldfarb, MD
Lindley Wall, MDChief, Pediatric and Adolescent Orthopedic Surgery

Hip – Adolescent and Young Adult Hip Disorders 
Jeffrey Nepple, MD, MSDirector, Young Athlete Center
John Clohisy, MD

Pediatric and Adolescent Orthopedic Surgery
Pooya Hosseinzadeh, MD
Brian Kelly, MD
Scott Luhmann, MD
Zachary Meyer, MD
Mark Miller, MD
Jeffrey Nepple, MD, MS

Scott Luhmann, MD

Adolescent Medicine
Sara Garwood, MD

Georgeann Groh, MD

Pain Management
Jacob Aubuchon, MD

Physical Therapy
Joseph Hannon, PT, DPT, PhD, SCS

Sports Psychology
Mary Cradock, PhD
Megan Shelton, PhD
Suzanne Thompson, PhD

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