Treatment Approach

SpineWashington University Orthopedic spine specialists use both surgical and non-surgical treatments to help patients with spinal conditions. With surgical and technical advancements, our board-certified physicians are able to treat many spine problems with minimally invasive procedures.

Our physicians have helped pioneer innovative surgical techniques to treat adolescents and young adults with various spinal deformities. These techniques involve resecting portions of the spinal column in a way that allows for more correction but with less invasive surgical impact on the chest or abdomen.

We also are recognized leaders in improving and using spinal implants to straighten the spine in both new patients and in those who have had previous failed surgeries to correct complex spinal deformities. In addition, the team is recognized for its skill in treating spinal tumors and in performing minimally invasive spine surgery. Another procedure pioneered here allows surgeons to accurately monitor the path of spinal cord and nerve roots. This procedure makes even highly complex reconstruction cases safer. The specialists at Washington University Orthopedics are among the few in the country able to perform this advanced spinal cord monitoring.

General spine problems are managed in an outpatient setting. The primary goal is to restore function and limit pain. In addition to individualized treatment plans, rehabilitation also includes education regarding body mechanics specific to a patient’s lifestyle. If surgery is required, rehabilitation begins in the hospital and continues on an outpatient basis after the patient is discharged.

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