Research Experience

Pediatric orthopaedic fellows are required to complete one clinical or basic science research projects during the fellowship. All faculty members are heavily involved in clinical research and fellows will have a variety of projects to choose from based on their interest. A faculty mentor will work closely with the fellow from beginning of the project until publication.

Besides mentorship from experienced faculty in the division of pediatric and adolescent orthopedics, fellows as faculty members of the Washington University School of Medicine have access to the unique and comprehensive research infra structure in the school of medicine.

As one of the leader academic institutions, Washington University School of Medicine provides access to research training and expertise for all faculty and trainees. These include but not limited to assistance with research design, clinical implementation, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation. A comprehensive list of services available can be found at

In addition to the resources available from the medical school, the new Orthopaedic Clinical Research Center (OCRC) in the department of orthopedic surgery can provide additional assistance to the fellows with their research interests.

The resources mentioned above for research is one of the unique aspects of training at Washington University and is only available in few institutions. 

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