Welcome High Performance-STL Volleyball Club

We are pleased to serve as team physicians for the High Performance-STL Volleyball Club, and want to provide High Performance-STL athletes and families with direct access to exceptional orthopedic care. If an athlete is in need of bone or muscle care, we have VIP appointment slots reserved especially for High Performance-STL members.

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Please call (314) 514-3500 to schedule an appointment. When calling, please state that you are a High Performance-STL athlete/parent, so that we can coordinate your appointment appropriately.

Meet Your Team Physicians

Matthew Matava, MD, Chief of Sports Medicine Service, and Matthew Smith, MD, are sports medicine surgeons who are focused on delivering top-notch orthopedic care to athletes of all ages and abilities, optimizing their recovery so they can quickly and safely return to play. They work collaboratively with other disciplines to provide comprehensive care, with a conservative approach to treating sports injuries with nonoperative care, using surgical treatment only when necessary. Visit our sports medicine page to learn more about our complete sports medicine team, conditions treated, advanced procedures and more.  

Matthew Matava, MD

Matthew Smith, MD




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