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My name is Beth Bozzelli. I live in New Jersey. I live in Cape May County New Jersey, it's the southernmost county in that state. I've had scoliosis my entire life. I was officially diagnosed with it as a very young teenager and spent time in the Milwaukee brace, the old, almost archaic looking brace that went up around your chin, down through your pelvis.

Flash forward to now. I'm a 59-year-old woman, osteoporosis begins to set in and about three years ago I began to notice that I was losing height. I've always been an avid runner. I could no longer run because the pain was just becoming incrementally worse and worse, to the point where I could no longer run. Then I flipped it out and would walk. Got to the point where I couldn't walk any distance because of the discomfort. My regular activities of daily living became difficult to do. I flew over many hospitals, many hospitals, to decide to have the surgery here.

I am three inches taller which is incredible.  My pain level is almost non-existent. I was in chronic pain. Despite all of the chirping in my ears, you know stay in Philadelphia...go to New York... go to California. I checked them out and this was it. This was this was where I wanted to be and I have never looked back. Never.

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